A Short Introduction to the Mechanics of Bad Faith

Having taught computers humanity, can they teach us good faith?

A Background to the Mechanics
Six Policies to Encourage Good Faith
What Is Bad Faith?
The Trouble with Calling out Bad Faith
Game Theory, Mutually Assured Destruction and Technology
Game Theory

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Daniel Mróz
Mutually Assured Destruction
Technological Esperanto

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John Postel/Wikipedia

Six Proposals for the Promotion of Good Faith

Reducing False Positives
1. All fora should publish lists of logical fallacies for people to avoid.
2. All fora should publish lists of philosophy smells or philosophical anti-patterns.
Making It Easier and More Productive to Handle Bad Faith
3. Claims of bad faith should be recorded diligently.
4. All claims of bad faith should be falsifiable.

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Hamilton and Burr dueling/Wikipedia
Incentivizing Good Faith and Disincentivizing Frivolous Accusations
5. All claims of bad faith should be reciprocal.
6. Good Faith Bonds

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Daniel Mróz
Finding the Best of Humanity Expressed by Computers

* I have not found reference to the philosophy smell idea anywhere, so believe it to be original. I will of course hand it to its rightful owner, if corrected.

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